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How much are you willing to sacrifice for your goals?

Question, how much are you willing to sacrifice for your goals? I woke up this morning to the extremely hostile sound of my alarm. I started getting ready for my brazilian jiujitsu class, but my head hurt a bit and then I started to cough. I thought about it for a minute, then I said fuck it. I reset my alarm for 8am, I frowned to myself, shrugged my shoulders, and then I just went back to sleep.

We all know that I could have toughed it out and went to train. However, headaches suck ass, also I was worried that I may be contagious or some shit. So I decided to rest from BJJ for another day. I’m not “resting,” per se, I am teaching everyday throughout the rest of the week, I’m still training daily. However, the only way to pull out any BJJ sessions this week would be in the a.m because I’m teaching every night. I’ll look to go Friday a.m, and if I happen to wake up at 4am tomorrow, I’ll just bite the bullet and hit that class too.

The headache I had this morning was due to reduced carb calories. Yesterday I really cut my carbs and taught a really intense class while doing that. This turned out to be a recipe for head pain. I have to regulate my meals and macros better, especially on days where I lead these intense classes. I do have hefty goals that I’m trying to reach, but I’m well beyond the point of putting myself through headaches and terrible discomforts to achieve them. I’ve been there done that and it’s no fun. I want to attain my goals, but the level of suffering I’m willing to accept is not as much as it once was.

I’m trying to do this shit in a sustainable, healthy, and not some terribly painful way. I know that sacrifices must be made, and I make them. I train pretty much daily, on some days multiple times a day. I also keep a very clean and strict diet. I make my sacrifices, but I’m not willing to sacrifice myself to the degree where I wake up with a headache everyday. That’s 20 year old Angel bullshit. 40 year old Angel doesn’t much like headaches. Also, I know that I don’t need to put myself through that in order to reach my goals. Its taking me longer, but I’m still walking the path.

In any case, today I started the day with a subway wrap, and guess what motherfuckers? I even added cheese!!!!!

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