First Project at my new job

I recently completed my first project in this new role. It required dedication, but thankfully, it unfolded smoothly, especially considering it was my first major task here.

Before leaving my previous job, I oversaw a comprehensive upgrade of the staff phone system, covering everything from phone provisions to Teams integration and rebuilding the entire call tree. I gained substantial experience in this area.

Upon arriving here, I noticed a similar project underway. Naturally, I offered assistance, and I’ve taken on a small part in the phone deployment.

It’s essential to acknowledge my new position as a consultant in this team. Unlike my previous role as the sole Director of I.T., I’m part of a larger support team and serve in a temporary capacity. Hence, I’m cautious not to overstep while offering guidance. Nevertheless, I possess valuable skills that could be of use.

Reflecting on past experiences, I’ve learned from mistakes made in managing similar projects. Applying those lessons here has been beneficial so far. Putting in extra effort at the outset often pays off in the long run.

While I maintain my strong work ethic, I’ve refined my approaches. Progression matters more than aiming for perfection in life, doesn’t it?

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