Fitness and appearance

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’m more interested in maintaining a good appearance. What I mean is that I have been getting a haircut more regularly. I’ve been shaving my face and cleaning up my eyebrows more frequently. In fact, I’ve even been better about grooming my body as well. I’m actually very proud of how nice and clean things are looking in areas that I cannot show you. It is a work of art.

In any case, this has gone hand in hand with my fitness. When I wasn’t healthy or fit, I tended to get less frequent haircuts, and I didn’t really care about my appearance all that much. It’s not that I was a complete disaster, but I just didn’t care as much. The level of effort that I was willing to put forth, as well as the frequency I was willing to put in that effort was much less than it is today.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, and I told her that it has all gone hand in hand. The more fit I have been getting, the more interested I am in my overall appearance. I know that as I continue the journey, I’ll just continue improving over all. I’ve even considered getting invisalign to line up my crooked teeth.

The one area of opportunity that I have is my clothing. I have not, and will not invest in new clothing until my transformation is complete. I don’t want to invest in clothing that will not fit me right in 6 months time. So I have been keeping and wearing the only few crappy garments that currently fit me. But once the weight is stabilized where I want it, then I’ll look into picking up some new, dope rags.

People may not realize it, but observe all the people who you know that have gotten fit, and you will most certainly notice that fitness and appearance go hand in hand.

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