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Getting a coinmach refund!

Ever since I moved into this building, we have had trouble with the damn dryers in the laundry room. A quarter here, a quarter there, a dollar here, half and hour there. I ignored it and carried on, such is life. I’ve always meant to request a refund, but never felt it was worth it for a quarter. However, over the months, this has added up.

Finally, I reached my breaking point. After months of getting robbed by these damn machines, I took down the machine number, I went online to coinmach and I request my damn refund. I didn’t request a refund for that one day, but I bunched up all the many weeks and months of mini robberies. I submitted a request for a whopping $10!

Yes, that’s right, I’m striking the lottery and getting back all the damn money you have cumulatively robbed from me over the past few years! In any case, to my surprise, today I received a letter from CSC Service Works, and enclosed was the featured check for $10.

Hey, I give credit where credit is due, they didn’t give me a hard time, they didn’t ask questions, they simply sent me a check refund in the amount of $10. I mean, my guess is that the whole process of printing, processing, etc, the check costs more than the check is worth, but I don’t give a damn. Give me my money! It’s about the principle! It’s about my time! The aggravation! Give me my money!

Anyway, if you have been robbed by these coinmach machines, go ahead and request that refund. In a few weeks, you should receive a surprising, small check.

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Geri Hubbard
Geri Hubbard
6 days ago

you go, guy…hooray for you !!!!1

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