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How much sharing is too much or crosses the line

One day I saw the picture of a 5 year old boy in a casket that was posted on someone’s Facebook time line. It was accompanied by a request to  click the “Like” button to show support.

NO! I don’t “Like” seeing a 5 year old child in a casket! It breaks my freaking heart, and it moves me to tears! It is terrible, absolutely terrible and I refuse to use the word “like” in relation to this image.

I’m sorry, though I feel deep pain for the family and their loss, I can’t “Like” this picture. As I looked at the image I had to hide because tears came bursting out of my eyes. This isn’t about being insensitive, or lack of support, I just don’t want this image in my mind.

I understand that people want a show of support. Then I’d ask that you post a picture of the child as he should be remembered, not in a damn casket! Tell us about the wonderful things he did, about how cute he was. Let us learn that about him and who he really was. Share the story of his passing, but tell us about his life as well.

I share everything, I’m probably a chronic “sharer” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. However, this is not something you should share. This just doesn’t seem right to me. I’m sorry, truly sorry. I can’t think of anything worst in the world than a child dying, but I feel that sharing a picture of him in a casket is just too much.

Seeing that picture put me in a terrible, terrible place. Seeing this child lay there, motionless, next to his Toy Story Woodie toy, it was just heartbreaking. Now I have to get this image out of my obsessive head so that I may carry on with my day.

Rest in peace young man, God bless your soul. Please don’t share things like that.

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5 years ago

How much sharing crosses the line?


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