How To Handle Anti-Puerto Rican Bigots.

As usual, I was engaged in some twitter debates. My friend Katie and I were discussing Ann Coulter, and the fact that she continues to insult everyone under the sun. At one point, a gentlemen decided it was a good idea to insult my ebonic English, then another fine gentleman joins in on the fun.


At this point, I decided to start having some fun with these silly guys. First, I spoke in Spanish, then I told them that we would continue our invasion by cross breeding with their women.


They didn’t take kindly to that, and continued to hurl a wide variety of insults in my direction. I decided to stop teasing the pathetic fools and to start spitting some real knowledge for these buffoons.



Puerto Rico was invaded by the United States in 1898 during the Spanish-American War. The United States went into Puerto Rico, kicked out the Spaniards, and proceeded to claim that they were the great liberators of the sub humans in “Porto Rico.” This was a country where the people were not fit govern themselves and required the Americans to do the governing. So let me tell you Mr. Twitter Bigot, we are not the invaders. If we are coming into the United States now, and leaving the island, it is because this country violated all of her resources and brought her economy down to her knees.

Huge Debt?


I am not an expert on Puerto Rico’s finances. Though one doesn’t have to be in order to know that the United States corporate greed is the reason that Puerto Rico is in such a bad place. The culprits are clearly corporate greed, and those puppet politicians whom they own.

For instance, let’s go back to the very beginning of our relationship. In the early days, Puerto Rico had many thriving industries. That is until the great liberators arrived.

The first civilian Governor began to pillage the Island. In his greed and infinite “wisdom,” he decided that sugar was the best product to focus on. He later began to eliminate all other trades in favor of the sugar industry.

Charles Herbert Allen, through the many actions he took while Governor, including appointing most of his staff which happened to be American, created great opportunities for Domino Sugar, which was known as American Sugar Refining Company back then.

This was not the fault of the Puerto Rican people. This was American greed. It was downright criminal. However, back then, they got away with it. Then again, has much really changed?



The one positive thing that came out of the U.S. invading my native homeland is that we are automatically granted citizenship at birth. This way, at least we can come here and make a living, or a life without having to fight “La Migra.” Don’t let the fact that we are born citizens fool you though, remember how the bigots went nuts when a Puerto Rican won the powerball lottery? We are still looked at as second-class citizens, and most of these bigots don’t even know about our citizenship status.

I have received swastikas. I have been called a wetback, and I have been told to cross the border back into Puerto Rico. Never mind that Puerto Rico is not landlocked with the United States. Never mind that Puerto Rico is an island. I should take my “illegal butt” right back across the border where I came from. I didn’t scale a fence. I didn’t steal citizenship, and I commit no fraud. We don’t ask for handouts, but many Puerto Ricans are going through tough times, and again; this isn’t because of their own doing. So you know what? I welcome them here, and I welcome YOUR tax dollars being used to support those who require it. Don’t like it? We should have never screwed the country.


Once again, I must bring up my very first point. We didn’t ask to be liberated, or invaded. You came in, and you took over. You wanted to be our daddy, right? Well, here we are, open up.

Puerto Ricans are honest and hard-working people. The country is going through some hard times, but attempting to put the blame on the Puerto Rican people for the heinous actions of the greedy American companies which are responsible? That I will never tolerate!

I am an American. I defended this country by serving in her armed forces. I defend her today against our enemies. I am also Puerto Rican. I am also a human being that is able to look at a situation objectively and see fault where it is. Only a fool would deny what is so clearly obvious.

For this, I am honored that I was blocked by this misinformed Neanderthal. Some people simply cannot handle the truth.


Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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