I think our dog is scared of us

So we had to take Peppa in for some shots recently, and we understood from our research that dogs can be a bit groggy and unhappy after getting a vaccine. They have soreness, discomfort, etc. Peppa got her shot on Saturday morning and it’s now Wednesday morning and she’s still acting a bit weird. She’s not as sleepy or quiet as she was the first few days, but she still seems distrusting and scared of us.

I’m afraid that she might think we are bad people cause we “hurt” her by taking her to the vet. To make matters worse, we took her to the dog ER vet on Sunday at 1am because her breathing seemed to be too rapid. Of course we can’t make her understand that we love her and just want to make sure she’s safe, but we know this is why we are doing it. Unfortunately, Peppa doesn’t understand this and seems to be afraid of us.

I feel terrible about it, my dog never walks in fear or with her tail down around us. But since Saturday, that’s how she’s been. We pet her, comfort her, give her treats, take her out for walks, have her sleep with us and give her lots of kisses and belly rubs. However, since Saturday, she’s just not the same care free pup. Though we have seen some small improvements, her tail has gone up and wagged, and she has shown happiness when we come home and does give us a few kisses.

Peppa is a tiny dog so it is possible that she takes longer to recover. I just hope she gets over this and returns to her sweet, normal care free self. It’s terribly heartbreaking to see your baby in fear of you when you love her so much.

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