I’m not breeding my dog!

When we first got Peppa, I remember meeting this other dude who had a male Pom. He said, “Yo man, we could make a lot of money if we breed our dogs together.”

This immediately irritated me. Why you ask? Well, I’m gonna tell you. When it comes to a pregnancy, who takes all the physical risks involved? Is it the male or the female? I mean, all the male does is provide the semen which impregnates the female, but when it comes to physical risk, it’s all on the female isn’t it? 

So all I heard this guy say was “let’s risk your dog’s life and health to make a few bucks.” My dog is not a reproduction machine and she never will be.

I was really unhappy with this dude’s nonchalant attitude around my dog’s well being. My wife’s cousin just rescued a pup who was kept in a cage for 6 years for the sole purpose of breeding. That’s just horrible and disgusting.

My dog is my child and she is protected as such. She has been spayed for her safety and no, we are not breeding our dog to make a few dollars.

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