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So after an awful lot of searching, trying, and purchasing, I finally found a pair of headphones that met the needs that I have. They were behind the ear, not ear buds, and sounded okay. So I felt that I was golden. But was I? Let’s talk about my Insignia Bluetooth headphones.

The first thing I noticed was that my songs were playing at double speed, as if I had my finger on the “fast forward” option. When I try to press pause, or next song, or even the volume functions, the headset was unresponsive. I couldn’t even get it to power off at all, so I told my iPhone to “forget the device.” At some point, the headset restarted itself and the functions went back to normal.

Just now, I noticed the same issue. Once again the songs started “fast forwarding” and the headphones would not respond to any functions. This time I disconnected it from my iPhone like last time, and just like last time, it will not reconnect or even turn off. It just keeps “looking” for bluetooth, but doesn’t acknowledge any of the functions. As I mentioned, last time this happened, at some point it turned off on its own, and then worked. This time it hasn’t done that and I can’t get them to work again. I decided that I’m going to take them back to best buy cause this is ridiculous.

These headphones are new and have only had one week of gym usage. I did put the insurance on them for like $6 so I’m going to take advantage of that. It’s really annoying that after all that effort and searching, I find the ones I love, and then they start to fail. It’s a total bummer. However, I’m glad that they didn’t fail me in the middle of a workout cause then I’d be really, really, pissed off.

For now, I’m going back to my good old reliable wired Bose on ear headphones.

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