John Cena the Make a wish champion of the world!

John Cena has recently become a household name with his portrayal of the DC character, Peacemaker. However, Cena was already a huge celebrity due to his work in the WWE, 11 or so championships, and where some of his colleagues have stated: “He has the most functional strength foundation I have ever seen.”

Well, being the hard worker that he is, Cena has broken the Guinness World Record for granting Make-a-wish Foundation wishes. My man is the all-time record holder for the non-profit with 650 wishes granted as of this writing. Just think about that for a second, 650 very ill children who John Cena personally granted a wish for. 650 children who he took the time to make smile. That’s amazing! Just really pause and process that, imagine if you had the power to make a very ill child smile just by showing up. He has that privilege and he has done it, 650 times! It’s a beautiful thing and damn near moves me to tears.

Before him, the record was 200 wishes. He started doing this in 2002 and has since made so many children happy by simply showing up and granting their wishes. How awesome is that? I’m a fan of Cena’s, and one of my buddies said that I look like him at times, but this type of thing, is what truly earns my respect. If just your presence could make a very ill child happy, how could you deny them that? Cena is an upstanding dude.


My boy said I reminded him of @johncena today. I corrected him, I am Juan Sena! No me puedes ver! You cant’ see me! #nyctalking #podcast #blog #lifestyle #johncena #wwe #wrestling

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