Peacemaker Disturbing the peace

I didn’t know this was going to be an origin story on Peacemaker, that was a nice treat. Be warned, henceforth there will be some light spoilers.

In this comic, he’s not a clown like in the movie or the tv series. He’s not only very capable but actually quite scary and serious in this comic. I’m fairly new to Peacemaker so I’m not exactly sure what his usual persona is, but I do like this more serious version of Peacemaker. Though John Cena has done a terrific job with the character, I feel like they clown Peacemaker a bit too much for my taste on tv. But it actually works, Cena has thoroughly brought the character to life in a fun and comedic way. Though I still hate his helmet and outfit.

In this comic, he is being interviewed by some sort of military psychiatrist who wants to know more about him. They spoke about his traumatic childhood and how his whole family was killed. Well, his parents committed suicide and killed his siblings. They were in a rush and didn’t have the decency to wait for him to make it home from school before executing their diabolical plans.

They spoke about some military operations and how people always turn up dead when Peacemaker is involved. The doctor is trying to get information on those operations and why people turned up dead. So, he straight up tells her that they were bad people and needed to be put down in order to protect the peace. She’s wired and the FBI is listening in. He then tells her that the people listening are about to abandon her, and then the FBI van listening speeds off. She then realizes that the government knows what Peacemaker has been doing and has given him a pass as it’s actually for the greater good. “Are you going to kill me?” No, I think you are a good person and were trying to do the right thing here. I just wanted to show you how futile your efforts are.

This comic was very entertaining and I have a great appreciation for this version of Peacemaker. Totally worth a read.

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