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Kid arrested for making mass shooting threat

I’m sure that you have seen the video of this young kid who was arrested in Florida for posting in a video game, “I pledge to take my father’s gun and shoot up a school.” I don’t recall his exact words, but who cares about that? He made a threat to shoot up a school, in this day and age, and that’s just dangerous!

So, some cops showed up to this kid’s house and arrested him on felony charges. Whether or not they’ll actually lock him up on those charges is yet to be determined, but the boy is in trouble. As well he should be. I mean how stupid are you that you’d make a threat to shoot up a school, especially in a place like Florida where it is actually very easy to do so?

So here’s the kicker, the kid’s mom is seen defending him. I understand that, it’s her boy and she’d do whatever she can to protect him. “He’s just a boy playing a game, he’s just talking nonsense with his friends.” The officers handled that well by stating that they have no way of knowing if he meant it or not. These other shooters were also kids who could never do any harm, until they do.

So here’s the thing people. When these shootings happen, you complain that the police weren’t proactive enough in stopping it. That the cops should have known or acted on tips to prevent the mass murder of babies. Well, what the hell do you think it is they are doing here? They are doing exactly what you want them to do. Except, since its your baby boy, now it’s wrong, right?

If this kid was the victim of a mass shooting, I’m sure this mom would demand to know why the police didn’t take action to prevent the shooting! Well, they are taking action now, and it just so happens that rather than being a victim in a shooting,  your little Jimmy is the one making the threat. You can’t have it one way for other kids, then when its yours the rules are different. This kid made a threat, he made statements, he has to face the consequences.

I understand and empathize with the mother, no parent wants to see their child hauled away in handcuffs. Let this be a lesson to any other kids out there who are either joking or seriously making statements along those lines. DON’T. I have an even better suggestion, if you are thinking of shooting up a school, DON’T.

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