What kind of dog are you?

I don’t often take these online quizzes, I find that most of them are a waste of valuable time, and quite pointless. However, I am not above doing one of them once in a while, and I do love me some doggies! So… I took this What kind of dog are you quiz today. I’ll say I found that some of the questions they asked were kind of weird, and some of the answers didn’t really fit what I would have said. However, I tried my best to chose the answer closest to the truth that they had. So after about 11 questions or so, ranging from what I would do on a friday night to who is my favorite author, this buzzfeed test said that I am a pitbull.


I have always related to this breed. Read the description that buzzfeed gives about the breed and how much we are alike. They are 100% spot on with who I am on this one. We all know these tests are not always accurate, but in this case, pretty damn close.

pitbull with kid

Like the pitbull, it seems to me that I am one of those people that you instantly decide to love or hate. Some people just love me to death, and some people dislike me with a passion, simply based off of sight or a quick introduction. But just like the often misunderstood pitbull, those people that really get to know me, the ones that cross over into what I like to call the “lifer zone” in my friendship gauge have a pitbull in me forever. That my friends, is what we call in urbanspeak real talk!

pitbull happy

Here is the buzzfeed test official snippet!

“Sure, you are pretty misunderstood, but once people get to know you, they realize how lovable you really are. It may take a second for you to warm up, but you are a goof once you do — not to mention you’re loyal, sincere, and adaptable.”

Make no mistake about it though, lovable as we pitbulls are, we are also very powerful, and we will fiercely protect and stand up for that which we are loyal to!

pitbull angry



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