Hung Up On Penis Size

Obsession With Penis Size

Today I was reading on reddit about sex and relationships. As I read, I came across a post by a man who said he had a 5 inch penis, and that he was ashamed of it. He stated that up to this point, nearly 30 years old, he had only been with two women because he was embarrassed. This dude is totally hung up on penis size, and because of this, denying himself the wonderful pleasures that lay within the vagina. Tsk tsk!

As a guy who is not exceptionally large in that department, reading this article kind of frustrated me. I then moved on to google 5 inch penis, and read a few articles on the topic. Most of the ones I read were from women on the topic, expressing pity for men they encountered with 2 inch penises, and so on.

This got me to thinking, why would someone deny themselves sex, because they are ashamed of their penis? I’m not going to lie to y’all, if I had the option to pack a 10 inch schlong, I’d go for it. Yet, I don’t, and do you think I am ashamed? HELL NO!

Throughout my life, I have been intimate with dozens of women, many of whom came back for repeats. So my penis can’t be all bad! The races, weight, body, etc has varied drastically. But that’s not what I want to get at in this article. I want to ask if you are hung up on Penis size? As well as talk about what that did to this particular man.

This dude was so preoccupied with his penis size, that he was entirely denying himself the pleasures of sex and intimacy. Let’s look at this from a worst, worst, case scenario, which I doubt would ever be the case. But just to illustrate a point, let us look at a bad scenario. Then let us examine that bad scenario from a self serving, selfish standpoint.

Let’s say that the woman receives absolutely no pleasure from you, and let’s say that she will never sleep with you again. Guess what? You got her, you had your pleasure, and YOU are good to go. If she’s unsatisfied and won’t come back, well, whatever, you got yours!

Now, of course I don’t promote that mindset, I’m very much about pleasuring the woman. I was just giving a worst case scenario, and a way to make that work. Though I don’t agree with, or promote it, you have to acknowledge, that strictly from a self serving standpoint, that addresses this guy’s issue. It gives him a method, a logical pathway to consider in order to get over this mental hangup.

Although, truth be told, a real worst case scenario is that she kicks you out, or leaves once she sees your pecker. I’ve heard some women say that they would not sleep with a guy if he wasn’t at least X amount of inches. My response to them? Based on those numbers, it’s a good thing we’ll never have the opportunity to hook up, cause you’d just kick my butt out! Hah!

Those worst case scenarios are very unlikely, I hope. So, you now know what is the worst that can possibly happen, and anything else is a plus isn’t it? If you treat a woman right, if you pleasure her with your body, and your soul, you will find that more often than not, she will enjoy the sex with you, even if you have a 5 inch penis. To think that a person would deny themselves such basic pleasures in life because of something that HE thinks, that is just terribly shameful.

I dated a woman who I had seen her ex boyfriend. The guy was a huge black dude, and you know what the rumors say about big black dudes when it comes to that department, right? You think I let that stop me from completely enjoying that woman? I didn’t give a damn how big her ex guy’s penis may have been, she was naked, standing in front of me, and I made sure to savor and enjoy every second of it.

Why would I be worrying about him at that moment? Dude, she’s naked, and ready for you to penetrate her, screw that guy, and any other guy! She’s naked and ready to go! Judging by the fact that she continued seeing me, and wanted me to visit often, I’d venture a guess that she also enjoyed herself with me. And note, I am willing to bet the farm that her ex, the big black dude, probably packed more meat than I do. So freaking what? Again, she’s naked, and there! What else matters?

Like I said in the beginning, I ain’t packing major meat, but it gets hard, and it gets the job done. There are men out there who have had their penises blown up by IEDs, or who’s penises don’t work properly, and in my opinion, it is not right that a man with a properly working man tool would take this type of approach. Be thankful for what you have, get out there and enjoy your life.

The worst thing you could do is deny yourself, then one day look back, and realize that this hangup was all yours, and not “hers.” It’s all in YOUR head, and you are making it an issue. YOU, not the women, you. This is similar to those of us who gain weight and feel ashamed, it’s all the same kind of logic. You’d be surprised how logic can help with these types of things. It works? It rises? She wants to try it? Then give it to her, all 5 inches, brother!

I have all sorts of issues going on in my head, but one thing I have never done, and never will do, is deny myself sexual gratification.

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