Let’s talk about video game campers!

I was playing Call of duty and there were a few campers that round. One dude was really pissed off and complaining about the campers. After a while of taunting and laughing at him, one of the campers said, “Hey, if they didn’t want us to be able to go prone, or squat, then why’d they make a button for it? If they didn’t want us to hide in those beautiful, sweet little nooks and crannies, why’d they make them for us? Call of duty makes it possible for us to camp by giving this to us, they count on it.”

Now, as I have mentioned before, I can’t stand campers and do my best to eliminate them over and over again. However, that being said, it’s kind of hard to argue with this guy’s logic. I prefer a lobby where people are out there running around and working in more of an active mode. But that’s just my preference, that doesn’t mean everyone prefers to play that way.

So though I hate campers, I get that some people prefer to play in that hiding little mouse style instead. See what I did there? So how do you feel about campers?

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