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Levin S21

This would be the third pair of Levin headphones that I purchase. I was getting them so my son could use my white ones to train. But I’ve just requested to return them to Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, the headphones sound great, they are light and comfortable, but the problem is that the back is too soft and it doesn’t lock into my head.

I’ve tested them while walking around and I feel like they are constantly falling off. Now if that’s happening while I’m simply taking a stroll, imagine how it will be once I’m doing jumping jacks, practicing Zumba or running?

The controls are a bit different than the other two Levins I owned, so be aware of that. But its manageable and fairly easy to recondition your mind to the new button locations. I like these headphones. I think they have a better bass quality than the marathons. However, what good is the sound if they won’t stay on? I may just get another pair of marathons or some more soundbots or maybe I’ll try a new brand altogether. My soundbots just fell apart and they are out of warranty. They had a good life and considering the price, they were a good buy.

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