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Lincoln Restaurant

During my trip to DC, the local team went out for an early lunch to thank our intern for all their work during the summer. The place that was chosen was the Lincoln Restaurant. It wasn’t very far, just a few short blocks from our office.

When I say early, I mean early. We arrived here at about 11am. I think we were the first ones to arrive for lunch at that time, we had the whole restaurant and kitchen to ourselves. We were promptly seated and our waitress was very nice and attentive to our needs during the entire time.

I had the brussel sprouts dish which is barely pictured above as my appetizer. Yeah, I almost forgot to take a picture after I attacked it. It was really good.

As my main dish I went with the salmon, that was also pretty good. I also tried some of our intern’s fries and finished with sorbet for dessert. As a drink I tried this strawberry lemonade that was pretty damn good.

A few of my friends engaged with the restaurant on Instagram and they answered a few of their questions. I love when companies take time to engage with their customers. That’s pretty cool stuff. After an 18 hour fast, I enjoyed my meal here. I’d definitely try this place again when in DC.

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