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So I recently decided that I must, absolutely must incorporate yoga into my training regiment. This is no longer about doing a little stretching here and there, but about devoting time to perform at least 3 proper yoga practice sessions per week. More if possible.

Knowing the type of person that I am, I need structure and routine. At this point in time I cannot be trusted with doing 3 yoga sessions a week on my own. I will always opt for cardio, jujitsu, or anything else besides stretching and doing something good for my body. Go figure.

Use my link to try a class and we’ll both save!

In any case, because I know this, I decided to look into Yoga studios in the area. I found quite a few, but this one called “Living Yoga” is the closest and has a hot yoga class. I figure if I’m going to pay for yoga, then let me pay for something that I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. I mean I can take Yoga at Retro, 24, or Crunch otherwise. As a matter of fact, I know one of the instructors here from those gyms, Mi-Han. So yeah, the hot yoga is the selling point.

I think I’ve taken about 2 or 3 hot yoga classes so far and the rest have been regular yoga classes. The instructor I’ve worked with most is Sabrina Lekaj and she’s pretty damn awesome. Encouraging, kind and just some great vibes all around.

I’ve found that I like going in at lunch time because it meets my requirement of 3 a week, but also leaves the evenings open for BJJ!

Do note, for me, hot yoga is a pain in the ass! For someone who sweats as profusely as I do, it presents some logistical challenges after class. Even long after class I am still sweating, alot! So I do change clothes, but what’s the point? I soak the fresh pair pretty much immediately. This is not good, especially walking home during this very cold weather. It won’t be as much of a hassle when it’s warmer as I’ll just stroll my happy self home after class in flip flops or something.

Also note, you have to make sure you are super hydrated (start the day before and continue) cause I had a nasty headache the first time I took it. I love the hot yoga class and I aside from the flexibility and strength benefits I feel it is even helping me look leaner! So there are some pros to taking the class, its just a pain after words.

Living yoga is a very nice studio. I find that they maintain it well, provide cleaning supplies and are also very friendly. The instructors I have taken so far are very professional and knowledgeable about their craft. I haven’t taken a class where I couldn’t follow along to some degree. Granted, I am very far gone with injuries and lack of flexibility, but I’ve managed to survive, so if I can do this I’m sure that you could too.

They have two rooms, one is generally for hot yoga, and the other is for regular yoga. They have a substantial number of daily classes starting in the morning, afternoon and evening. There is something for everyone here.

The price is in the same ball park as their competition and they have a one month trial you can take for a greatly reduced price. $60 for a whole month unlimited. If you choose to keep it active after the month, then you will have unlimited classes for a price that is nearly the same as taking two a week! It really is a great deal and totally worth it. But do note, it’s only available to first time members.

I have decided that I will keep my membership active for a few months as my body adapts to the training and schedule. Perhaps one day in the not so distant future I can be trusted to do it on my own, but for now I’m going to stick with these guys.

If you are looking for a hot yoga studio, give these guys a try. If you use this link, I’m supposed to get a $10 credit towards my next purchase. The referral code is ANGELRODRIGUEZ8578. Come to think of it, my wife used this code to join so I should be getting a $10 discount on my bill next month. I’ll look out for that.

I’ll tell you this team, I wish I did this sooner, I mean like years ago. My body would be so much better off right now. But I didn’t do it and now I’m paying the price trying to play catchup. Definitely look into doing yoga, if not here, then on your own, but make it a part of your life. Trust me on this, TRUST ME!

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