My Zumba Evolution

The first time I taught Zumba at 24 Hour Fitness, I did one song. I hadn’t yet completed my training and was fairly new. I did an original choreo that I made. It was a terrible disaster. I look back at that day and I cringe.

However, since then, I have made great strides and I’m proud to say that much of the choreo I use is original and people have a blast.

This group of people didn’t write me off based off of that first horrid showing. They knew I was new, learning and they gave me a chance to grow and evolve into the phenomenal instructor that I am today. Yes, I’m phenomenal.

I had similar experiences at other locations which I won’t name. The thing is that those people just wrote me off during my learning phase and never gave me another chance.

Personally, at this point, I don’t really care about it. However, I’m sharing this to say to you, don’t give up because of experiences like that. To this day, despite how far I’ve come, and how well I’ve done, some people have never given me another shot. They still think I’m the same crappy instructor I was on that first day two years ago.

Does that mean I suck? Nope, it means that they are missing out on a damn phenomenal instructor. That’s not a reflection of your abilities, that is a reflection of their unwillingness to give you a shot. Don’t forget that and don’t let those few bring you down! Shine on

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