NYC Subway Series: The sick passenger!

As I entered the F train, she was being dragged out by 2 friends. They were asking us to pull the brakes on the train so that she gets help. I saw some cops and realized they were already informed. So I remained silent.

I entered the train and observed the cops trying to keep the woman talking. I assume that they already called the paramedics as I saw them on the radio. I figure she’s in good hands, nothing we can do at this point.

I simply look on in concern. I see some teenage girls laughing and it appears they are mocking the woman. I see the faces around me, and when we make eye contact they raise their eyebrows and make annoyed expressions.

I don’t know the woman, or her condition, but it made me feel sad to think that a human being in need provided comic relief to some, and severe annoyance to others.

How do train delays due to a sick passenger make you feel?

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