Official Music Video – Dear Momma (Original Song)

Years ago I wrote a poem entitled “Dear Momma.” This was written to honor my mother while she was here with us, while she could hear and experience first hand the gratitude that I feel for all that she did for us growing up. I have performed this live for her as poetry, and as music. It has always been an honor, and a great pleasure to say these true words to her.

Anyone who follows my writing knows that my upbringing was challenging to say the least. A look through some of my stories will demonstrate death, violence, friendship, sadness, loss, and much much more.

The rock, the stone, the light that always kept me going was my mother. I never wanted to disappoint my mom. So when it came time to decide whether or not I wanted to rob that guy, or go through that gang initiation, in one way or another, my wanting to make mom proud was a factor!

In any case, I can write about this till Kingdom come. Here is a cheesy video that I made for my mom sometime ago. I’ve thought about having it professionally made, but I decided that the personal touch, albeit slightly amateur, was the best touch in this case.

I give you my heart, my soul, in the form of musical poetry, “Dear Momma.”


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