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I saw the video of the woman walking for 10 hours in NYC! I know the typical answers to the question, “Should you acknowledge a compliment?” I’ve heard every angle, from the helpless victim, to the hard core feminist. I’m trying to explore and understand this on a deeper level.

So let’s put this out there right now, don’t attack me, or berate me. First of all, it won’t phase me, but beside that I am putting myself out there in hopes of growing, and possibly helping others grow. If you come at me like a pit bull, then you have contributed to the problem. What do you think happens the next time a man wants to explore his possible flaws? He’ll tell you to go screw yourself because he saw what happened here!

So, on to my question!

There are times that a friend would post a very nice picture on social media. Generally, if this is the case, I would pay them a subtle compliment. I’ll say something like “Damn, look at that fat ass!” Hahah, I’m just kidding! Usually my comment is along the lines of “Lovely picture.” Most of the time they acknowledge my words, with a thank you, or an emoticon. Yet other times I am completely ignored! Personally, I get bothered when someone ignores me, regardless of the context. However, it seems to bug me a bit more when I am ignored when paying a compliment.

Do you guys think that even friends, people that we know and love, could perceive a respectful, online compliment in the same fashion as that girl that was walking for 10 hours did? My perception is that if you post a picture, it is because you want it seen. With that in mind, if someone compliments it, I’d imagine you could be polite and at least acknowledge the person. Yet I question if this is the same logic that men who harassed that woman feel? Though I’m not chasing them, or saying nasty things, I wonder if they feel the same way?

What do you think?

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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Angel Rodriguez

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