That’s my dad (Original Song)

I’ve got so much on my mind monopolizing all my time
it’s a crime gotta let it out can’t keep this all inside
finally realize it ain’t weakness stop the lies
kill the pride on my mind let out a sigh I start to cry
I’m high I’m just so numb waking hours pass me by
I’m staring at the clock the numbers fade before my eyes
tears and I fight, fight the thoughts of suicide
Eyes closed, six feet under, look, everything’s alright
trying to keep it sane know I’m blessed can’t lose my mind
Spill it all unto the paper fight the pain bleed on the lines
Lyrical defense write the words to ease my mind
do this once again I beat those demons all the time
back when life was simple not a worry on my mind
smile put on the mask hide the aching I deny
truth its so real and there’s nowhere left to hide
Shed a tear, say I love you, I’ll always keep you by my side
I love you dad

You gone from the world but you ain’t from my heart
I’ll always keep you near never really far apart

That’s my dad, he had his faults broken promises
spending months in jail had no guide no education
man, the dude was talented just from a generation
they didn’t know much better so the money went to heroine
my father, yeah he always came around
but my momma, she’s the one who held it down
she’d put him in place, hear em scream, I’d lose my mind
why they fight like this corruption forms inside my mind
now she kicked him out its nothing new just the regular
dad sleeps on a couch, on the street, it’s whatever
such a bright mind, cleaned it up later in life
saw him beat the struggles never giving up the fight
working day and night redirect to make it right
took a great man you fought back recovered life
sad to say goodbye but I’m happy that we spoke
Hate to see you go but I’m happy that you know
I love you dad

You gone from the world but you ain’t from my heart
I’ll always keep you near never really far apart

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