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Patient Zero

This movie had a bunch of actors from the Game of Thrones House of the dragon franchise. That was pretty cool to see. It’s set in a future type of scenario where the world has been taken over by people with some advanced form of rabies. They are basically just zombies who can run really fast, like those World War Z zombies.

Interestingly they are intelligent and these creatures can also communicate with each other. They can even communicate with one of the humans who was bitten and didn’t turn into one of them. I gotta tell you, there is a really crazy twist on this film and it’s gonna blow your mind for sure!

Overall, it was an entertaining film and takes place mostly in an underground silo with the exception of a few cutaway scenes that show us some of the character’s back stories. It doesn’t appear to have gotten really great reviews so it is not likely to have a sequel, but for what it is, it was an ok watch. I enjoyed it.

I do really wish that people would complete their films without leaving things unresolved though. It happens so much because they expect the movie to do well. Then it bombs and they abandon it. We never get to know the whole story. Unless its based on a book, then we can always read it at least.

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