Peppa the pom is a model

So the lady brought Peppa into the office a few weeks ago. She does this on occasion, nothing out of the ordinary. On this specific day though, they happened to be taking pictures of their models for the USPA social media pages, online brochure and possibly their printed mail circular catalog.

When they saw our little Peppa, the model picked her up and they just started taking some pictures with her. I’m not sure if Peppa had a blast, but she didn’t look unhappy. The people there were super happy to have this guest impromptu model show up.

Anyway, now some weeks later and Peppa is featured on several of their lines. She’s come out on the website, IG and paper.

How cool is that? My puppy Peppa the pom is a superstar. Peppa the Pom becomes Peppa the model.

Please note that Peppa now has her on IG page. We have (my wife mostly) been populating the page with pictures and video from the moment we met her up until now. Please go and follow her at @peppalapom Thanks!

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