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When I was in DC, I went to try out this pizza. It was a new place to me and though it was pizza, it was a different take on it. I ate two while I was there. I gotta tell you this pizza was pretty damn good.

It’s kind of like a subway like place where you can build your sandwich, but with pizza. They have all the toppings you can possibly think of, different types of dough, cheeses and even some really good sodas that you can mix for a wide array of flavors. Thinking about is making me hungry. Also, I didn’t feel bloated after eating it despite having two and loading them with toppings.

I remember them telling me at the store that they were making their way to NYC too. If you look on their website, you’ll see that they now have NYC locations in Nomad, Astor and Wall Street. Next time I head out to the city I’m going to make my way there to see if its as good as it was in the DC area.

This place was really good, if you ever get a chance try them out you should. If you do, let me know what you think, you know how to find me.

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