Protect your skin when exercising

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Here I have a quick fitness tip for you, hopefully this helps you on your fitness journey.

Are you a bit overweight or did you gain any weight during the covid lockdown? I sure as hell did, I have gained about 30 pounds since the lockdown began. Then as you may know I got vertigo which really put a complete halt to my training and that made things worse. No gym, no weights, no exercise and there is only one end result, weight gain.

Recently, I had tried running for the first time in a few months. Of course you know my legs were sore, and I had a headache, and my lower back hurt, and I was all achy for days which is all to be expected.

One thing that I didn’t expect was that my arms and legs would get all cut up after a run. I mean, why would that happen?

Well if you run long distances you know that your nipples can actually get pretty raw and start to bleed from the constant friction. This is one of the reasons I always wear a very tight undershirt that is made of sweat repellent material such as Under Armour when I train. Since the shirt is stuck to your body it prevents or at least minimizes the amount of rubbing and chafing that happens on your skin.

As I mentioned I have gained some weight, it goes without saying that some of that weight is distributed among my legs and arms. Because I have more body fat in those areas then there is more skin that can rub against each other. I had to be reminded the hard way of something which I had long ago learned, it’s not only your nipples which can bleed and get cut up from running.

The area where my armpit is, as well as the inner thigh area near the groin area have some nice flappy layers of fat that rub against each other and the neighboring skin while I train.

When running for an extended period of time even when I wear those protective clothing items it can still be a problem. It can actually be a very painful problem because that skin actually gets cut and it hurts like hell. Also, you can get infection and so on.

I tried out a little trick and I put some A&D lotion on my skin in those troubled areas before my run. At first, I had put it on there to help my skin heal and recover from these rashes but I soon realized that I can put them on before the run to prevent them altogether.

I have tried this many times and I have been quite successful with it, it really does work. I cannot say whether vaseline or any other type of lubricant product would work the same way, but I can vouch for A&D. Until I drop the weight, I will have to continue doing this when I run.

If you are going out there and working out, or running, or doing any form of repetitive motion and you find that you’re getting skin and rash burns then get yourself some A&D lotion. Rub a light layer on the area that gets hurt and let me know if that worked out for you. It’s worked for me. Good luck.

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