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Ridiculous real estate rental

Before this covid-19 insanity hit, one of my friends was looking around for an apartment. She reached out to me and asked me if I had any leads or names that I might be able to recommend to her?

She was telling me about the types of places that she’d been seeing and one of them in particular stood out. She told me about this “garage apartment” that was being rented in Kew Gardens. It had no doors and some sort of blanket in the doorway. There were no partitions or covers anywhere in there either.

The real kicker though, the homerun for this “garage apartment” and all involved was that it had no bathroom at all. Allow me to elaborate on that please. This “apartment” had no shower, no bath and no toilet. The realtor told my friend, “Oh, don’t worry, you can pee in this makeshift sink and then you can shower at the gym which is really close by.” That was the response that this dirtbag had to offer. Can you believe the gall of this individual? Trying to convince my friend that peeing in the sink regularly was all good.

Mind you, they were asking upwards of $1,000 for this “apartment.” Again, can you believe the audacity of not only the homeowner, but the real estate agent who’s trying to peddle this trash? I know they are just doing there job, but if you are going to tell someone to pee in the sink, especially a female, at least have the decency to not try and pass it off as an okay thing. Be honest about how you really feel and work from a place of sincerity. “Oh, just pee in the sink and then shower at the gym” is not that place by the way. “I know this sucks, but it’s temporary right, just a place to sleep for now?” Now that would be a more honest and appropriate way to rent this “apartment.”

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