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Rings of Power quick thoughts

In a nutshell, I am loving this show. Right from the very first episode I was captivated by it. Staying true to its film predecessors, there are many stories and groups of people being followed around at the same time. But it is not confusing, boring, or overwhelming. I think they are doing it just right.

Watching this reminds me of the many hours that my ex-girlfriend and I played the Lord of The Rings game on the xbox. We spent hours and hours playing that. I remember the hardest part being where we had to fight the elephants, that and the dead. That was wild.

I have seen some nonsense from people about there being black characters in this? Bruh, unless you come from a place where there are no black people, this shouldn’t phase you. It should just be like the real world we live in. As I watch this, I don’t bat an eyelash, because I have spent my life in a world where there are so many different people represented. This should not be something you’d possibly consider complaining about, unless of course, you simply are a racist. In which case, you should just own that and don’t bullshit us about “the characters are meant to be white.”

A world where there are no black people, no Latinos, no Asians, etc, that’s a world that should worry you! That’s not reality, and that world is bad for all of us. Furthermore, Elves, Harfoots and Dwarves aren’t even real, so how can you possibly even consider assigning a race to them? Give me a break with that nonsense!

This show is great and I can’t wait for the next episode to come out!

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