Rothschild mental health counseling

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been having panic attacks, I’d like to speak on that more in depth, and I will on the podcast at a future date. Right now even thinking about it triggers my anxiety.

In any case, I scheduled an appointment with a counselor at Rothschild by the name of James McCabe. I received no communications from him or anyone on staff, but I got an email on Zocdoc that says my appointment was canceled as per my request. A request that I did not make.

Firstly, I did not cancel the appointment. What is that about? I was sitting in front of my computer waiting for a link or a call that never came.

Secondly, most of us would not reach out to a psychotherapist unless we were going through some stuff, and to have them discard you like that is certainly not conducive to good mental health. Thankfully I’m mostly stable, but what if I were not? What if I were on the verge of doing something terrible?

This was an epic failure on their part, and very unprofessional. Had I just received a communication or something letting me know in advance that they couldn’t make it, I’d be more understanding. But to be met with radio silence and then canceling it while saying it was at my request is total nonsense.

I know offices do that so they don’t hurt their standing on Zocdoc, but I’m making sure they know it wasn’t me. That’s just not cool. James looks like a nice guy, and their follow-up emails to my message seem nice, perhaps they are great, but based on this experience, I’ll never know.

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