Speaking up about mental health

I just taught a Zumba class where it was all smiles and great energy. I ran around, I made the girls laugh and smile, and we danced the evening away.

Now it is nearly 2 am and I am sitting in front of my computer, terrified of nothing actually tangible, just sitting here in my fear. I find myself unable to sleep and not wanting to take any anxiety medication to aid in that quest. Though at this rate, I fear I may have to.

I haven’t even showered after class, I’ve just sat here doing things that can wait, procrastinating because I’m afraid to lie down on my bed. How terrible is that?

People often ask, why don’t men talk about their emotions and mental health issues? We do, there are many of us out here who speak about our struggles, but most of us just don’t have as far-reaching a voice to make a difference. But we are here if you look for us, we suffer and grow with you, you are not alone.

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