She’s with me, ahole!

We were out dancing at Webster hall. My beautiful friend and I. This was about 11 years ago. We would hang out from time to time, so we went out to dance and just chill at the club. Webster Hall would occasionally host parties, and I think that on this night there was an XO or MAX Asian party happening in one of the floors. There were a lot of Asian people moving around, and I knew the scene. However, we didn’t go there for that party, we didn’t even know. Yet, my friend was Taiwanese, not that it mattered, but it did to one fool at the other event.

We were dancing, having a nice time when all of a sudden this drunk Asian guy decides that he doesn’t like the fact that a Taiwanese woman is on the dance floor with me. Mind you, we weren’t even in the XO or MAX party area, he came to us in the general club section.


The guy starts following us around, and extending his hand to my friend. I told the guy “Yo, she’s with me!” However, he was drunk, and apparently very stupid. He did not acknowledge me, he continued trying to grab my friend, and I continued push his hand away. He was really starting to piss me off, and I could see that my friend was getting annoyed and scared. This fool continued staring at her, and extending his hand.

Okay, I’ve had enough of this guy. I was losing my temper. I stepped aside from her, and said to him much more aggressively “She’s with me, jerk!” He kept looking at her so I just shoved this guy back, and I was going to beat his ass. Did I mention that I too was drunk? I stopped and thought for a second, I realized that my friend looked terrified and was not happy with this. So I held back on my assault, and went back to her.

Yet the guy persisted.

I figured that we had two options, leave the area, or beat the crap out of this guy. Going to a bouncer was not an option, that would have been a biznatch move, and truth be told, I didn’t want to look like a biznatch in front of this beautiful woman. So biznatch moves were out of the equation! Then it occurred to me. I asked her to tell him in Chinese that she was with me, that she didn’t need saving. Maybe this fool didn’t understand English? I didn’t want to make any more of a spectacle in front of her, but this guy was really pissing us off. So I stood by her side, holding her hand, she said that to him in Chinese. He then looked at me confused, looked at her, and walked away.

What a douche!

This memory came to me on the train earlier today. There was a Chinese female sitting by herself, and these Chinese dudes started to form a barrier around her. As if they were protecting her, or shielding her from everyone else. They didn’t even know each other, that was weird, and apparently not wanted. She got up and moved away from them. However, that reminded me of how this drunk guy was trying to “save” my Taiwanese friend from me. He was rescuing her from the evil gwailo foreigner who snatched her from the bar! I gathered that he thought I forced her to dance with me, and that she needed rescuing. Little did he know, huh?

She’s with me, jerk!

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