Soldier calls ICE on delivery man

When we were kids, we were assholes. We all knew some of our classmates and buddies from the block who were here “sin papeles.” Without papers, undocumented, or as the Republicans love to call them, illegals.

There were times when we’d teasingly say to them, “Stop messing with me or I’ll call la migra.” La migra is slang-ish for immigration services. We used to snap on each other’s vulnerabilities, and in the streets everything was fair game. Sometimes, we’d walk around a group of them, and scream, “LA MIGRA” and they’d scatter and then come kick our asses. Like I said, we were assholes. They got us too though, we all just messed with each other back then. The things we did to each other would not be acceptable these days, but we were kids, and we were all friends, brothers and sisters!

Anyway, all this is to say that sadly, these cruel jokes we played on each other are now a damn reality. I was so freaking angered when I read that a soldier at Fort Hamilton asked a pizza delivery guy for proof of citizenship. The guy is just trying to earn an honest buck and this soldier and his command decided to detain him. Apparently, to gain access to a federal space, you need some sort of clearance, and upon finding an ICE warrant, they detained him and called those SOBS up.

As I understand it, he is now scheduled to get deported to Ecuador next week. The immigrant community at large is really pissed off about this, especially in a place like New York City, and an area like Bay Ridge where there are so many immigrants.

NYC is supposed to be a sanctuary city, but all that is besides the point. If you allowed the man to enter the base many times before, and you took the damn pizza, why would you report this man to immigration services? That is some grimy, trifling shit right there. I am utterly, utterly disgusted in the service men who did this. This man is the primary earner, and a father of two. Are you proud of yourselves? You jerks!

I’ve yet to see any details on the soldier who did this, seems like the army is protecting him. It’s just messed up, these guys did him wrong. If he’s not allowed on a federal installation, fine. Take the food at the check in gate, then come get it yourself,  you jerk. Don’t let the guy make the delivery, then screw him up like this.

On another note, I have to question Pablo Villavicencio Calderon for making a delivery to a place like this. I know he’s trying to earn a living, but these are dangerous times for our undocumented brothers and sisters. It’s a shame, and I hope they leave this guy alone, but this should serve as a lesson and a warning to the rest of our undocumented community. DO NOT DELIVER TO FEDERAL INSTALLATIONS! In fact, I’d call on all restaurants to never deliver to this base over this matter.

I support our troops, I was one of them and I served out of Fort Hamilton. But in this case, this guy is a damn asshole! Stories like this really piss me off. Can you imagine, you are out here working your ass off making a delivery to some ingrates for what you hope is a decent tip. Then what they give you is a nightmare like this? Fuck those guys and fuck ICE for separating families!

It seems like this government can’t get enough of creating fatherless children. Be it by imprisoning us for decades over trumped up charges a la the prison complex, by killing us off for holding a cell phone, or via ICE deportation. They have a great system in place to keep our families broken. Fuck you, government.

I hope they release the snitch’s information, not for any harm to come to him, but if he’s so damn brave to drop dime, he shouldn’t hide behind the army.

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