Subway terrorist attack

I’ve always felt and maintained that the easiest way for a bad guy to hurt a bunch of people was to utilize the subway. That is exactly what this dirtbag did today. I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the attack in Brooklyn. Guns, bombs, gas grenades and mayhem.

It sucks that this guy got away. This could have simply been a test to see how the NYPD would respond. Imagine more than one of these happening simultaneously throughout the city? On the train, unarmed, New Yorkers are sitting ducks for a criminal like this one.

What needs to happen now is that they catch this guy and do it quickly. This way we can send a message to anyone else who is thinking of doing this that they can’t get away with it. There has to be swift action on terrorism like this. The fact that he was able to leave the scene after the crime is a bad look. But I understand how that can easily happen in this scenario.

I can’t help but wonder if they’d try to pull this off in a city where people can carry concealed weapons, but I really don’t want to make this about the gun debate. I would just like to know how we can be better prepared to respond and defend against this type of violent attack in the future. I don’t much fancy our fellow New Yorkers being sittings duck for these monsters.

I’m sending out positive vibes for then mental and physical recovery of all victims and those affected by this heinous act of cowardice.

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