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Creating a dog account on tiktok

So I was trying to create an account for my four year old Pomeranian on tiktok. When I logged in I noticed that it says “your videos only show up on this device” and I immediately thought to myself, crap, I messed up by putting her actual birthdate.

You know, as I initially set it up, my instincts told me to use my own birthday instead, but I didn’t know that tiktok doesn’t let you change it on the profile after the fact so I thought I could easily correct that.

Anyway, I want to keep this username because it matches her IG name and I like to keep the branding consistent. So now I have to reach out to tiktok and try to sort it out with them. Most of my reading indicates that deleting the account and starting a new account is faster, but I just created it and I want to keep the same username. Turns out if you delete it, it’s gone for good. Then I’d have inconsistent branding for my dog’s accounts.

I really don’t think that this should be so difficult or complicated, yet here we are. Just take note of this if you are planning to create an account for your pet.

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