I think teaching Zumba is affecting my fitness progress

It’s rather ironic that one of the things I put in place to keep me from slacking off on my training is inadvertently hurting my training. I know what you are thinking, but Angel, your Zumba class is so intense, how is that possible? Let’s examine that.

When I teach a Zumba class, you are correct, it is extremely intense. Real instructors, good ones, they leave it all on the floor when they teach. I’m one of those instructors. In the case of Zumba that means that I have to lead the class providing all the dance moves, but I also have to set the tone in so far as energy output goes. If I am lazy, then they will follow suit. So when I teach, and this applies to all my classes, I bring it. I leave it all on the stage! In addition to this, I find myself running around, jumping, screaming and at times pausing to guide or help someone who is lost.

The level of energy I exert when teaching leaves me feeling drained and exhausted. As such, by the end of my class, I’m pretty much toast. This is especially so on days that I am fasting or cutting. The necessary though infrequent pauses are probably contributing to a reduction of caloric burn. This plus the fact that my feet are always smashed which has led to reduced cardio on my own training time has made it so that overall I’m burning less. Not to mention that I gave up a few classes so that I can focus more on my bjj training.

I feel that I’ve put on a bit of weight and my conditioning has suffered some in the recent months. I’m not going to give up my classes, but I think I need to rethink my strategy here. I need more cardio hours and I need to be able to lift heavy weights. Not to mention that I’d like to continue my bjj training. I’m hoping that things turn out okay with my shoulder and that I can return to my real training soon.

Sometimes you have to take a step back and reexamine what you are doing, then make the necessary adjustments and push on.

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