The Witcher Review

So first things first, I had no idea that this was a book series. Had I known, I would have went and read the books first. I will now pick up the books, but I really prefer to read the books first. Anyway, that’s that. I’ve watched season one and there is nothing I can do to go back. So let’s move on.

I won’t drop any spoilers here but this show was dope. I’m a fan of Superman, so you know I was feeling Henry Cavill in this role. I think he did a pretty good job in playing a potentially challenging character. The show appeared to be a bit confusing at times and the timeline is kind of odd at first. Eventually you realize what’s going on with that and things sort of start to fall into place.

I started this show with no expectations. I remember that it showed up on my IG feed as a promoted post and it caught my attention. As soon as it dropped I was on it. I can’t wait for the next season to come out, this was a good worthwhile show. My son and I watched the entire series over two nights. Kudos to netflix for continually dropping these phenomenal shows, and for putting me on to some new books I can read.

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