Thoughts on Yale student who had cops called for sleeping #yalewhileblack

Here are my thoughts regarding Lolade Siyonbola’s situation, oh, you don’t know who that is? Allow me to educate you on what happened. She’s a young woman who fell asleep in a common area at a Yale location while studying. She’s a student there, she was working, and knocked out. Nothing outrageous about that, right?

Well she’s black and then this white person decided that she didn’t belong there and proceeded to call the cops on her. Surprise, surprise motherfuckers. NOT! No surprise there. I think it’s all bullshit. That idiot who called them is a fuck face, and she should be charged for wasting police officer time and resources. Not to mention endangering Lolade’s life. Many don’t like to admit it, but whenever the police are involved in a situation, the participants, especially when black are in danger. I’m really happy that Lolade handled herself very well and that she was able to walk away.

I do feel that the cops were “okay” behaved. It seems to me that they were just doing their job, but this process took much longer than it should have. I do think that the longer it went (especially when the last cop got involved) the potential for escalating increased. What bugged me most was when he said, “We determine if you are allowed to be here, regardless of whether you think you do.” If she’s a student there, she has her id, she pays her tuition and she lives there, who the fuck are they to think this way? Do your job, but once you observe that their is no situation, just keep it pushing. Her response to that statement was beautiful:

I hope you feel powerful.

Now that’s a quotable right there! Lolade, make it a t-shirt cause that’s perfect! I believe that this is what it all comes down to, ego and power trips. This is a major issue with police officers, they don’t like it when we speak up, know our rights, or in any way shape or form stand up to them when they are in the wrong. It hurts their ego and pride when we speak up for ourselves. We are always told to be docile, obey them, not make any sudden movements, etc. In fact, I’ve always said this myself, however, even when we do that, some of them lose their shit and riddle us with bullet holes. So maybe it’s time to take a different approach?

In any case, props and kudos to Lolade for how she handled this. And to the bitch who called the cops on her, and apparently on her friend another time, fuck you, stupid psychotic bitch.

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