Trader Joe’s Organic Pesto Pizza

Y’all know that I love pizza. I think that if I am ever on death row, my last meal will be a pie of pizza. That’s how much I love it. As far back as elementary school I remember loving pizza. There was a spot on 170th street that used to be so good! The cheese was amazing.

As I’ve gotten older and more health conscious, well, pizza has become a treat and is no longer part of my regular eating patterns. On occasion when I want to eat some pizza, but trying to stay within the space of “healthy,” I’ll pick up one of these organic type frozen pizzas.

I tried out the Trader Giotto’s Organic Pesto Pizza this past weekend. I’ve had it before and it was okay. This one wasn’t as good or as satisfying as some of the other ones I’ve had, but it was “okay.” Definitely not my favorite. Even the lady felt the same way, she liked it, but she wasn’t crazy about it.

Would I get it again, sure, but not if there are other flavors are available!

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