We saved a bird today

I was walking with Peppa to pick up my lunch, as I walked, I saw this cute little bird on the sidewalk of Queens Boulevard. The little creature looked at me, confused, but seemingly relaxed. There were many people walking by and delivery guys on bikes and mopeds. I was holding Peppa, so I couldn’t gain access to the little bird, but I used my body as a shield to keep anyone from stepping on it or running it over.

A man saw me there with the little innocent creature and he joined in the rescue effort. I didn’t know what to do, and neither did he. We considered putting it in the shade but I was so afraid it would die of thirst or get eaten or otherwise killed. Then another lady joined us and she suggested this man we all knew who has a birdcage. We all agreed and walked together to his location. He gladly took the baby bird and said he would nurse it and try to return it to its mother.

I don’t know if the bird was hurt, but it literally, willingly jumped on the man’s hand. This bird knew that it was in a bad spot and it accepted our help. I genuinely hope that it lives and that it can be raised to adulthood. The way he looked at us after we picked it up, it was as if he trusted us and knew we were there to help.

This was one of the most wonderful acts of kindness I’ve witnessed from a complete group of strangers trying to help. I will be checking up on the birdie and hope for the best.

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