How Working Out Has Improved My Blood Pressure

It’s true folks, working out has improved my blood pressure!

For those of you who don’t have access to my medical records, well, I have high blood pressure. I have suffered from this ailment since way back when I was a young man. I still remember as a child, when my doctor at the time would tell my mom, “Please don’t using the salt when you cook. Your son blood pressure too high now.”

I guess in my case, it is hereditary. As I became older, it started to become more of a problem. Add to that, some weight gain, lack of exercise, and horrible eating habits, and I ended up in the hospital on more than one occasion. Unpleasant. Sadly, this all lead to me having no choice but to take a blood pressure pill. My doctor said that it was only a matter of time, and that I really had no choice given how high by blood pressure was at the time. He said it was to the point where I could have a stroke, now that’s rather troublesome!

Fast forward some years after taking blood pressure medication.

Over the past year, I have gone from nearly 275 pounds, to just under 200 pounds! My eating has changed drastically, as has my body composition, and overall health practices.

Some months ago, I noticed that I was getting very dizzy. I’d be walking, and lose my balance. I’d feel myself losing consciousness, and catch myself just before I slammed face first into the floor. This was a very scary feeling, and I knew that I needed to visit the doctor. So I scheduled a visit.

The first thing the aid, and the doctor noticed was how low my heart rate was. They immediately expressed concern and we began the process of figuring out why this was happening. The doc said that the low heart rate would most definitely cause dizziness and loss of consciousness. After talking for sometime, we concluded that the dosage of my blood pressure medicine may be too high for my current health level.

“You are much healthier now, maybe you don’t need as much medication.”

So we dropped the dosage by 50 percent. I went from 100mg to 50mg. After confirming that I could cut these tablets in half, I got to work and doubled up the quantity of my medication! Woot woot! Not only did I lower the dosage, but I doubled the quantity that I had available by cutting them in half. This saved me some money too!

I went to the doctor a month later, she stated that my blood pressure was where it should be, and that my heart rate seemed to be at a better place! So, ladies and gentlemen, getting healthy can help get you off medication. I’d love to get of it completely, but given my history with high blood pressure, it’s not likely, but I’m still optimistic.

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