World War Armies Keyboard stops working

I’m here to drop yet another gripe that I have with my newest game, World War Armies. I use the keyboard to navigate around the map, and many times, at the worst moments, my keyboard will simply stop working.

I can still use the mouse to navigate, but I’m not playing on a mobile, I’m playing on a pc and rely heavily on my keyboard. Both my gaming keypad and the regular keyboard simply stop responding. This happens for up to 30 seconds, and you know the amount of damage that can happen in that period of time!

Guys, I like the game, I’ve even dropped money into it, but you have to fix this major issue with the keyboard. It is extremely annoying and shouldn’t happen. But that’s not all, let’s not forget about the matchmaking and maps!

Of course we have to revisit the huge problem with matchmaking. Also, you should address the map situation, if I pick a map, simply put me to play with someone who also has the same map. Don’t dump me into another map with someone else. This also ties back into matchmaking, which we’ve already established, needs work.

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