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I was hanging out with my son this past weekend trying to find a suit, there’s a surprise. After several trials and fittings we were both very hungry. As we passed by Applebees on queens boulevard he says to me “pops I want to eat here, can we go?” Of course I replied yes.

We entered and stood around the desolate entrance for a few moments. My son headed to the bar, I called him back and told him we had to wait to be seated. He was bored because some time passed. After 5 or more minutes someone finally showed up, they then directed us to a waiting area, to wait some more! Say what? We have been waiting. It’s quiet here. Why are we waiting?

In any case after a few more minutes another female showed up and
invited us to follow her. She led us to our seats and asked us what we
would like to drink. My son had a coke and I had a sprite (Sierra
mist actually). My soda tasted a bit watered down, I wasn’t impressed
with the fountain soda. My son said he liked his coke.

For an appetizer I had a caesar salad, overall it was pretty good. The
only thing is that it was a bit TOO salty probably due to the croutons.

We have a few bread sticks, these tasted “ok”, but weird at the same time. I thought it was just me, but my son said “pops, these breadsticks taste a little weird, they are good, but weird”. That’s when I knew it wasn’t just me. They tasted weird.

My son had chicken fingers and french fries as his main course, he approved of his meal. He said it was “delicioso”. That mean delicious in spanish in case you couldn’t make it out.

I had the three cheese pasta with grilled chicken. The chicken was pretty good. The cherry tomatoes tasted pretty good as well, however the pasta itself was very runny and slimy from the cheese, not very impressive. I ate it, but given the option I’d probably have passed on that item. It tasted “ok”, but visually it was not very appealing at all. And eating running pasta isn’t all that great.. Blah..

For dessert I asked them for the ice cream with no chocolate fudge, of course when I received it the ice cream had chocolate fudge. I can’t eat that crap, and I made it clear, the trace amounts of caffeine mess me up. Yet they still added it.

My son asked for an Oreo ice cream with no whip cream, but guess what? Yes, it had whipped cream.

We called over our server and asked her could she please provide us the items as we ordered them. She looked at me and said “you didn’t say anything about the whipped cream or chocolate fudge”. I said, yes I am quite certain I did, remember our talk about caffeine? In any case, regardless of whether or not you remember, can you please give me an ice cream with no chocolate and the oreo with no whip cream.

Reluctantly she took the items back and later returned with them as ordered. I left a less than stellar tip because I was not too happy with her attitude, and the food wasn’t all that great, plus the wait times were ridiculous. This place did not impress me, but at least my son found his meal “delicioso”, it was for him after all that we went here.

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