Business Review – Idle Hands Bar

This spot was the final stop on the triboro bus tour. I’m not familiar with the types of bars out there or with the terms used to describe them. But I have repeatedly seen “dive” bar in people’s review when describing this place. Up until recently I have never been the bar type of guy, so I’m going to go ahead and accept at face value that this is a “dive” bar.

So if that’s what this is called, this type of place, then I’ll say it’s pretty much like most other “dive” bars that I have been to. You go down the steps into a basement, there’s wooden furniture, a large bar table, and a few tv’s playing sports.

The bartenders were pretty friendly and sociable, the space was big and I was able to just sit around and chill as my energy levels decreased.

For my drink I had a sprite, it tasted like most “dive” bar sprites taste. (Not great, lol). We were provided a drink ticket for specific drinks, however I gave it to one of the guys so they could get another beer, I just got a $2 sprite. I was done drinking at this point.

That’s all I have for this spot, what else can one say?

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