Business Review – Medstar Surgical & Breathing Equipment

I’m a heavy snorer, very heavy. For obvious reasons I decided to go to a sleep specialist and seek medical treatment. (My fiancee can’t sleep with me, lol).

Turns out that I have sleep apnea. To counter this sleep apnea I was given a prescription for a cpap machine. The firm that my doctor uses for this service is Medstar Surgical & Breathing Equipment.

My interactions with these guys so far has been really good. Whenever I have called, left a message or spoken with someone on the phone they have been very helpful and courteous.

The female I have spoken with from reception (forgive me for forgetting your name) was very nice and promptly assisted me with all my questions, I never felt rushed or like I was being put off. She took her time and helped me as best as she could.

The actual technicians that bring the equipment to your home have also been very professional and helpful. They assist setting up the equipment, answer any questions and help fit your mask.

The first gentlemen let me try on several mask for comfort, fit, etc. Eventually I settled on a nasal mask. However due to a constant stuffy nose and constant colds I asked to be provided with a full face mask. They allow you to try and change your mask within the month. They gladly agreed and scheduled a 2nd appointment for me. The 2nd gentleman was also helpful and attentive.

I have nothing bad to say about these guys, as professional a place as I’ve dealt with.

(Update: Not so good follow up review.)

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