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As we were in Midtown for Karaoke, myself, Jose X and Lauren L decided to go and try our luck with some Korean bbq! As you know from my prior reviews, I likes me some Gal bi!

So we stood around chatting for sometime, then walked over to K-town and tried to figure out which place was affordable and good. Somehow we chose this place.

Of course I had Gal bi and some Pork Belly or something that I tried from Lauren. The galbi was delicious, I enjoyed it very much. The staff was very attentive and seemed interested in our satisfaction. We were very pleased with the service and the food was great.

Jose was getting lessons from me on how to use the chopsticks and the Korean ladies were laughing because a “foreigner” was teaching another foreigner chopstick techniques. I told them I was a master.

I also received a lesson, I was taught what items go together to make the lettuce roll, I used a sauce that looked “suspect” but it was not spicy and it tasted delicious. I really enjoyed this place and I will definitely return.

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