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**I was just informed that these guys are involved with providing financial assistance to the people affected by the recent tragedies in Japan, I am glad to have contributed to this effort by eating at this establishment as well as through other means.**

A good friend took me here for lunch, it was a gift in celebration of my recent marriage. Thank you friend! I appreciate it. I’m not sure if you wish to be named, so I’ll leave your name out of it, I but I thank you.

First off, these guys need a better sign, I must of walked by it two times, simply because I didn’t see any signs. Next door to the building there is another Japanese place, and I thought that was the place, however the name didn’t match. Eventually I saw a tiny sign by the building provided in the address that said “Sakagura”.

So take note, the address is correct, you have to go into the building, past the front desk and take the stairs or elevator downstairs to access the restaurant.

I had examined the menu prior to heading over here, and I realized that it was not the type of Japanese place that I usually frequent. There were no rolls, etc. However that is not to say they don’t have a good selection of food, but if you are not familiar with a traditional Japanese menu, then examine it before hand.

I had a mixed seaweed salad as an appetizer that I shared with my friend, it was pretty good. Very good actually with the Ginger dressing, we both enjoyed it. As the main course I had cold soba with mixed tempura. This dish was also quite tasty and good.

My friend had salmon sashimi, and she insisted that I try it, so I tried a decent size chunk of raw fish for the first time, it was actually very good. I’ll have to try a proper serving at some point for myself. She also tried a sweet sake type drink, I tasted it, not really my thing though. She liked it.

This was a pretty good place, I’m glad I tried it, and thanks again to my yelp buddy for introducing me.

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