Business Review – West Side Sushi

I had a late lunch today with 2 fellow friends. We met up during this rainy day and walked around until we stumbled onto this place.

First, I have to state, dealing with our server was really weird. I thought I was the only one that noticed this, however my friend stated that they felt very awkward dealing with the waitress. It seemed like she didn’t like us or felt uncomfortable for some reason or something, just really weird. Even when asked about food ingredients, we felt some resistance, weird.

There was a male server there as well, and he seemed better trained and suited for dealing with customers, we dealt with him briefly and he was very pleasant to me.

On to the food.

I had a miso soup, this was basic, I don’t think you can really screw this up unless you go super overboard with the salt. The soup was fine. I also had some Shumai, a spicy tuna roll and a spider roll.

The spider roll actually tasted a bit fishy inside some of the rolls, that was kind of gross. A few of them did not taste fishy. I wonder where this inconsistency in flavor came from? The spicy tuna didn’t taste spicy at all, but it was real tuna and it did not taste gross, it just wasn’t a spicy tuna roll. The shumai may as well have been out of my freezer, nothing impressive about that.

I tried the place, but as has been the theme lately with alot of restaurants, I don’t think I would return. There was nothing there worth returning for.

I don’t think my yelper friends were too impressed either.

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