Yelp – Studio 54 at Play Lounge


Came here for the Yelp Studio 54 party. I’ve been here before, actually for Halloween as well. It’s been fun, but today was a blast. Music was great, studio 54 style tunes, all night, I love it. I love the era and I love the music. What a great party.

The drinks were pretty good and kept me going all night… Staff was friendly and always around offering more drinks. I overheard the bouncers making fun of the name “friends” so I went over and updated them on what yelp was all about and what we do. And how this party in fact was a treat for us.. If they are true to their words they will be joining. I’m all about the converts baby.

I found alot of my yelp friends at the party and we had fun dancing, singing along, goofing off, taking pictures, a fun time. I saw a few people that I don’t particularly get along with (some people don’t like my FACE) and I basically didn’t even acknowledge their existence, I just kept on dancing and doing my thing. I’m not going to let them ruin my fun time.

My wife and I danced most of the night, and Lali danced with us, my boys joined us from time to time. Overall the night was great. I love it.

I finally met Jando, seems like a pretty cool dude, we didn’t get to chat much but his vibe was cool, and he hit me off with some “YELP LIFE” gloves, I wore them proud! Props to yelp for the hook up in one of my own local venues! In return, I hand you some new bouncer members. LOL..

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