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This is my go to app for music mixes. There are two ways that you can get the music, one of them is to purchase an already made album, and the other is to go through the music and make your own mixes by picking the songs. In terms of payment, you can get a monthly subscription, which is what I have, or you can pay for the individual albums you want.

For me, the math made sense to get the subscription. The cost of the monthly sub is nearly the same as the cost of one album. Seeing as though I love to change my music often, and I go based on the reactions from my classes, I love the flexibility of being able to remix or edit an existing album on the fly. It just makes sense for me, but if you are good with one, then you can go the other route.

This app allows you to pitch the music up or down, depending on how fast or slow you want the eight count to be. Tracks flow nearly seamlessly from song to song, transitions are pretty good. Although, you’ll find that when you are switching in pitch, for instance, from work to cool down, the transition would be a bit long and very obvious. In this case, a more abrupt, mixed type of switch would work better. Also, in the beginning, depending on the song, the intro is way too long before the actual song drops, and the same applies to the end if you want to create a gap to transition. It still works fine, but those are little annoyances to be aware of.

Using the app itself is fairly easy, you go to your “My Music” section, pick the album, and play it.

One thing that’s annoying about the app, and I called up about this and they said it was by design, is that you can’t get rid of old albums from the list. Really? Design, I don’t think so, I grilled the guy until he owned that it was a flaw and not a “backup option” in case you wanted the album back. Please!!! So if you edit albums, you have to label them “V1” or “V2” in order to know which one to download and play. In my case, I have a long list of old mixes that are just there. Terribly annoying, and you’d expect that this is something they could fix. If I delete a mix, I don’t want to see it anymore, right?

You can see above that one says “downloaded,” while the others don’t. Those are old ones that I have deleted, yet they come back when I restart the app. It’s a glitch that hasn’t been, and may never be addressed. However, other than that, the app is pretty good. I’ve spent hours going through the music, putting together my favorite mixes. The music is not original, so it will be someone else performing the hit songs, and not everything is available. It is extensive enough to make at least one or two nice mixes, maybe even more. I have a whole bunch of them, and I tailor each one to my specific class by length, format, etc.

This was the first app I used, but I know many fitness professionals who use it, and I never saw the need to use another app for this. The Yesgo app is built on another app called Tempo, and I wish that it allowed me to play my own music on there and pitch it, but I’ll have to buy tempo separately if I want to do that.

This app is really cool, and I encourage you to at least look at it. If you’d like to use original music, or make a custom mix, you can always look at services like Steadymixes.

Angel Rodriguez

Please take note of the date on a post. Over the years my views have evolved. I'm constantly learning and growing.
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